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Distributor: HULU Originals

Production Company: West High Drama LLC

Director: J.D. Walsh

UPM: Cynthia Graner

Stranded in Paradise

Distributor: Hallmark

Production Company: Johnson Management Group

Director: Bert Kish

Producer: Cynthia Graner

Leaving Barstow

Distributor: Osiris Entertainment 

Production Company: Leaving Barstow Films

Director: Peter Paige

Co Producer: Cynthia Graner

Seattle Road

Distributor: Gravitas

Production Company: Seattle Road LLC

Director: Ryan David

Producer: Cynthia Graner

One Hit From Home

Distributor: Pure Flix 

Production Company: Intrigue Films

Director: Johnny Meier / Dave Stone

Co Producer: Cynthia Graner


Distributor: Dark Sky Films

Porduction Company: Hollywoodmade

Directors: Marcel Sarmiento / Gadi Harel  

Co Producer: Cynthia Graner

A Bag of Hammers

Distributor: MPI Media Group

Production Company: Parking Solutions LLC

Director: Brian Crano

UPM: Cynthia Graner

For the Love of A Dog

Dist: Rivercoast Films 

Production Company: Magic & Lucky Jonz

Director: Sheree Le Mon

Producer: Cynthia Graner

The Show

Prod Co: Stairway Films

Writer/Director/Producer: Cynthia Graner

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