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Stairway Films

Originally started as a development arm for narrative projects, Stairway Films has grown into a production service entity through which Cynthia can run projects for domestic and international clients looking to shoot in the Los Angeles area. With the ability to manage all aspects of production and post, your project will be given first-rate attention by highly experienced creative and production personnel. Stairway Films has a strong, diverse network of freelancers and vendors to handle all of your creative, production and client needs. 

Cynthia Graner is a versatile and diverse content producer with a multi-media portfolio spanning commercials, branded content, feature films, and episodic narratives. She fosters a producing style that synthesizes production and creative to achieve aesthetically beautiful, thought provoking, and entertaining works. With a resume that includes over 30 commercials and branded content marketing campaigns, 12 narrative features and episodic series, Cynthia Graner's guiding principle as a producer has always been to bring every project in on time and on budget. 

Cynthia Graner

Prod Service
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